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Do you wish to extend your reach on the market? You’ll know that is a bit hard because it is costly to get your products and services heard using traditional marketing. You can do is to find a good company who can build a website for your business. Many businesses are using the website to communicate with the market online. Billions of people are going online (Google to be exact) to search for information. But first here are a few things you should know before putting a website and perform awareness campaign. Website should be accompanied with a Search Engine Marketing capability so that your website will be visible to your market online. This post will tell you what you need to know to make sure you select a good company to build you a website that will grant your wish to increase your market reach online.

Pragmanila is a good company who can develop a website for you, the perfect way to guarantee you is to provide a tool to manage the content with the following:

  • Assure your website allows you to update the contents. If not, you will experience a hard time communicating with your market in real-time.
  • Your website should have a Content Management Tool that allows you to control the copy (Text), images, or videos that you want to put in your website.
  • Make sure that your website is built in WordPress platform so you can perform Search Engine Marketing.
  • A good website should provide you with data for Analytics. This is important because this will reflect the whole image of the products and services the company can provide.

The website will be built to be a mobile responsive, email feature, and easy to manage Content Management System.

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Now you are informed about the importance of a website, you are now equipped to engage the market online without spending too much. Want to be present online? Leave a message below or email us at

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