Starting Things Up: Pragmanila Internship Program

Internship. I guess I was in high hopes when I first thought of Billy and Nick spending their internship in Google in the Internship movie. Office tours. Competitive co-interns. Superb office. Fierce bosses.

I am an intern in a startup. Contrary to the ideals of the movie the Internship, I entered a small office surrounded by people whom I assume are IT or Computer Science specialists typing in what it seems to me as a command prompt-ish background. Standing on the door, I carefully proceeded to my workspace as told by the person who interviewed me – who, apparently, was my boss. Slowly pacing the aisle and peeking through the monitors of my colleagues, I was clueless of the things they are doing.

I am an intern in an IT startup. Taking my post, I opened my laptop and realized almost everyone working behind me are IT specialists making codes, programming, editing, and doing IT stuff. It was the time when I began to realize the reason, though feeling misplaced, behind the startup needing me – I am a marketing management major. Yes, they are indeed a growing startup.

I am an intern in a fun IT startup. Days passed until I started conversing with my other officemates and learned that they were regularly playing Dota after work shift. Never had I imagined spending time with my bosses and colleagues playing dota in office during my internship. We have days where we play guitar and sing in chorus. We, also, have Thursdays as our free food day. We also have night outs. Yes, they are an extra-ordinarily fun startup.

I am an intern in a fun and flat-structured IT startup. I am a vocal person and I really do appreciate the company to get hear ideas that I, being an intern, am pitching them. They value ideas given by any member of the company. They do share their interests and opinions with the common goal – to help the company grow. Yes, they count on you on your ideas.

I am an intern in a fun, flat-structured and competitive IT startup. It was until now when I have realized the big potential of the IT-field when I have seen these driven individuals team up to provide top of the class products, services and applications. With the will and competitiveness, I believe that the company has a great chance of being successful.

I will be with this startup. I envision myself growing more with this company and believe that this will be a perfect venue for me as a maturing individual. In a short span of time, I believe I have learned many things and am looking forward learning more. I really enjoyed the fun time, appreciate the idea valuation, and loved the competitive edge of maximizing the potential.

We are Pragmanila and we are a Startup!

Igor Peralta-Marketing Intern

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