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An aspiring marketing student looking to work in a leading FMCG company who has a great experience in terms of academics, handling an organization and has a great character, but doesn’t have any corporate experience, that is who I am. I’m a nineteen (19) year old graduating college aspirant, who wants to be rich and to start making money as soon as I graduate and finish my degree. We’ll we’ve all been there.

As what I’ve said, I’m a marketing student who took an on the-job-training in an IT firm. Yet I appreciate what we do in this company. I am only one of the three (3) members of Pragmanila’s Marketing Department in which we plan, implement and analyze different marketing strategies for the benefit of our company, Pragmanila.

At first, I was expecting that this company is one of those dull,
repetitiveunrelievedunvariedunimaginative, boring company since it’s in the I.T. industry and they’re looking to expand their marketing department. Since, I am still a student fresh from college, all I can relate to it was, “I.Ts are boring!” That’s what I use to say since in marketing, “We are a very judgmental people.”

But after entering Pragmanila, everything’s changed. My bosses, the Chiefs, are very energetic and fun to be with. I’m having fun and learning at the same time through their guidance and their work ethics. Sometimes, we play DOTA (a popular game) and sometimes we go out and have fun and we grab ourselves some drink and they’re the ones who treated us. Every Thursday, we always have our free food day (In the afternoon)! In which they treat us one of the best foods here in Eastwood.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed working here in Pragmanila! The best part of it is I’m just a marketing intern here in Pragmanila. I don’t feel like I’m working after everything that we’ve done. After all, “It’s no longer work once you’re enjoying it.” I forgot to mention, Pragmanila is a start-up company. Yet they’ve managed to help their employees reach their full potential, mostly, while having fun!

Rowie Sacote – Marketing Intern

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